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Better Your Heart Health

Better Your Heart Health

Elements Massage Desert Ridge

As a major player in your health, your cardiovascular system needs to be taken care of with attention and intentional actions. Heart disease is actually one of the biggest contributors to death in the U.S. To ensure that you are taking steps to better your heart health, we recommend the following steps:

Nutritious Diet

If healthy eating isn’t what is currently on your menu (or table), it’s time to change it up. Nourishing your body with lean proteins, high-fiber vegetables, along with plenty of antioxidant-rich fruit is critical to preventing inflammation in your blood vessels.

Hit the Gym
Breaking a sweat and getting into activities is a great way to awaken and nurture the mind and body. To better your heart condition, work toward getting at least 30 minutes of exercise 3-5 times a week. If you aren’t keen on working out, just get moving with slow walks, leisurely bike rides, a few laps at the pool and work up from there. Regular exercise can boost your circulatory function, ease any tension and lower blood pressure levels.

No More Butts
If you haven’t heard, smoking kills. Now is the time to kick that habit and start restoring your heart (and body) to health. Smoking interferes with heart function by causing deep structural damage to your blood vessels, thus raising your blood pressure. Massage can actually be a great assistance in the cessation of smoking.

Start your path to heart wellness today by adding these three items into your regular routine. Massage also has the added bonus of relaxing your central nervous system to improve overall circulatory and lymph function. Give our studio a call at (602) 603-7816 and we’ll happily tend to you and your heart.

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