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Elements Massage Costa Mesa Jun 2, 2015

Summer is just around the corner. Before you begin your summer activities, it’s a good time to think about prepping your skin and your mind for the summer heat. The sun can damage your skin, could cause cancer, and you tend to be more stressed in the heat of the summer. Getting a massage now will help prepare you for the summer sun and heat.

Elements Massage Costa Mesa Dec 21, 2013

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there. But Mom is stressed out about hosting the holiday dinner and fulfilling the family gift list, while Dad is buried at work delivering last-minute projects for the end of the year. As depression and stress may be settling into your household for a long winter’s rest, you might be finding yourself with little to no holiday joy or delight in sight. 

ETMC Oct 14, 2013

Fashionable or functional? Color that pops or blends? Comfortable material or eye-catching? Every day you stand in front of the clothes lining your closet faced with the important decision of picking the best outfit to flatter your figure, give you the attitude you need to succeed and provide the image you would like to portray to the public. What you wear from head to toe...

ETMC Nov 15, 2013

Day in and day out Americans spend the majority of their lives at work either behind a desk, on the phone, in a car, on their feet or running equipment. Regardless of the occupation, your job is more than likely taking a toll on your physical and mental health. Staying on course to achieving your overall health and wellness goals initially takes personal dedication and perseverance. ...

ETMC Sep 2, 2013

Massage sometimes can get a bad rap as being only for women and not something that strong, professional and rugged men can benefit from. The truth of the matter is, though, that real men know that massage can be the secret weapon for successful careers, family life and sports competitions.Get into the game of life by working hard, playing hard and making massage a part of your...

ETMC Aug 16, 2013

The travel season is in full swing with summer vacations, family reunions and cross-country road trips filling up your personal calendar. While you’re off enjoying beach houses, monuments, national parks and prime summer destinations it’s important to be mindful of the toll vacationing can take on your mind and body.To help reduce the mental and physical stress associated...

RH Aug 8, 2013

At Elements Therapeutic Massage Costa Mesa, we take pride in our therapists and the expertise they bring.  We focus on the following therapeutic methods, although they make up only a portion of what our highly skilled therapists are trained in.  We will be continuing to add more in-depth articles through our blog each month.Deep Tissue Massage:  Working on loosening...

RH Aug 8, 2013

Incorporating Therapeutic Massage into a balanced health and wellness program can be beneficial for overall health. One of the oldest healing arts, massage dates back to B.C. times in the Orient. Today, Therapeutic Massage is now accepted as part of many physical rehabilitation programs worldwide for symptoms as diverse as Arthritis, Diabetes, and Insomnia as well as many more.The...

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