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Adhering to the recent Regional Stay-at-Home order, we remain open for medically necessary massage.  Please contact our studio with questions and thank you for supporting our locally owned and operated small business.

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Mesa Verde Center (At Harbor and Adams)

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Blog / Wellness

Elements Massage Feb 29, 2020 Wellness

During the winter months, you may ask yourself this question. You've scheduled your massage and you're ready for your appointment, but the day of, you're feeling a bit sick. So, what should you do?

When you’re feeling sick and achy it might sound like a great time to come in for a massage and have your aches and pains soothed by healing hands. But, it's actually a really bad idea. Let’s discuss why.

Sometimes, it can actually make your body feel worse. And, it's probably not a good idea to come in, especially if you can get everyone else sick in the process.

Jan 5, 2020 Wellness

Did you know that receiving a regular massage is more than just a luxury of relaxation? Did you know that getting massage regularly has real health benefits? Getting monthly massages can transform your New Year's resolution, especially if it includes finding health, wellness, or overall vitality. Whether your New Year's resolution is to exercise more, to eat healthier, or to be more productive or present, massage can help you reach your goals.

Elements Massage Costa Mesa Sep 19, 2017 Wellness

Elements in Costa Mesa will be offering Himalayan salt stone massages starting on Oct. 2nd! With the addition of this new service our clients may wonder what the difference between Himalayan salt stone and hot stone massage therapy is? In this blog, we’ll answer that question for you.

Karen Menehan, MASSAGE Magazine Dec 19, 2016 Wellness

People turn to massage for stress relief, pain alleviation and relaxation, and massage is appropriate for just about anyone—from healthy adults to seniors and pregnant women to athletes. Massage therapy is also safe and beneficial for people living with conditions including cancer, fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Elements Massage Dec 1, 2016 Wellness

“The most magical time of the year” is quickly approaching. Can you feel it? You can surely tell, not by the whisper of jingle bells in the distance, or the smell of home baked peanut butter blossoms, but by the “magical” level of stress that arises with alarm every year around this time. The store ads implore us to buy copious amounts of “just right” gifts, the magazine holiday recipes assure us that making the perfect breakfast casserole will all but guarantee our family’s’ holiday happiness, and we tell ourselves that the guest room must be hotel-perfect for our holiday boarders.

Elements Massage Costa Mesa Oct 29, 2016 Wellness

If you’ve experienced back pain, you’re in good, albeit unfortunate, company.  It is estimated that 85% of Americans experience some type of back pain.  And if you’ve been diagnosed with sciatica and its signature pulsing pain that can radiate through your hip, leg, and foot, you know that it’s no picnic.  A little Sciatica 101 lesson...

Elements Massage Jul 31, 2016 Wellness

A clamp. A vise. A tight rubber band stretched firmly around your skull. Whatever your tension headache feels like, it’s no picnic. Whether yours is brought on by a single stressful event (summer with all the kids and activities) or a regular, ongoing stress, chances are that you wish they wouldn’t happen in the first place. Though often dubbed...

Elements Massage Costa Mesa Jul 3, 2016 Wellness

We’re talking to you, Weekend Warrior. And you, Vacation Over-Achiever. And even you, Holiday Hiker. You know who you are – the exciting sort who takes advantage of long weekend days and to fulfill your adventurous side. The same one who comes into the office Monday morning a little worse for the wear, limping with a pulled hammie, cringing with a strained shoulder, or, heaven forbid, favoring a tweaked back. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a little extra fun on your days off work, of course. However, all too often our outdoor escapades result in injuries, putting a fast and unpleasant crimp in our active summer style. Luckily, there are a few easy steps you can take to avoid summer injuries.

Elements Massage May 8, 2016 Wellness

The countdown has begun. Walk into any grocery store or drugstore this week and you’ll likely find the greeting card aisle teeming with searching, slightly frantic, slightly sweating sons, daughters, and spouses. You join the well-meaning ranks and search for a card that will make Mom smile, feel appreciated and promptly reappoint you as Mama’s Favorite. However,...

Elements Massage Apr 13, 2016 Wellness

The Boys of Summer are back and ready to start a new season. The perception for years was that professional ball players would take the winter off to relax and be with their loved ones. Everyone thought that these athletes were just naturally talented and could roll into spring training without even picking up a ball all winter. While they do take the time to be with family and...

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