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Giving Your Health a Boost

Elements Massage Chandler South Jun 13, 2019 Our Studio

Why does massage boost your health?  Here are the many health benefits of massage:

Find Better Focus Now

Elements Massage Chandler South Mar 5, 2019 Our Studio

Massage is a great tool that can help the brain and body re-energize and find focus. Here’s how it works:

Gifting 101

Elements Massage Chandler South Nov 26, 2018 Our Studio

Now that the holidays are officially in full swing, gift giving is on everyone’s minds. This year, we’re sharing our giving 101 rules for great gifts to help you navigate a stress-free season:

Lower Back Pain

Elements Massage Chandler South Sep 18, 2018 Our Studio

Here’s how massage can relax and provide structural attention to deliver healing benefits for lower back pain:

Summer Relaxation Measures

Elements Massage Chandler South May 29, 2018 Our Studio

This year will be our best yet and here’s how we plan to cultivate and execute a summer full of restoring vibes:

Re-Committing to Your Health

Elements Massage Chandler South Feb 16, 2018 Our Studio

It is true, it’s now February and chances are if you made any new year’s resolutions, you may have found yourself stumbling from setting unrealistic expectations of yourself.  Here are a few ways you can make yourself and your health a priority this year:

All About the Most Popular Massage: Swedish

Elements Massage Chandler South Oct 30, 2017 Our Studio

Swedish massage is a great standalone treatment due to its gentle nature and ability to induce a deep sense of relaxation. It’s popular for beginners to regulars and also is great when used in conjunction with other specialized techniques like hot stones or deep tissue.

Massage to Combat Depression

Elements Massage Chandler South Jun 22, 2017 Our Studio

As a non-invasive, holistic, and non-pharmacological tool, massage can help improve general health and wellness, particularly from those that are fighting depression. 

Expert Knowledge

Elements Massage Chandler South Mar 15, 2017 Our Studio

Here are a few of the pivotal steps many of our team members have taken to reach their levels of expertise.

How Massage Can Reduce Stress

Elements Massage Chandler South Dec 22, 2016 Our Studio

To help you regain solid footing and decrease stress levels, massage is an excellent tool that delivers a host of benefits to boost your health and wellness.

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