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What to do AFTER a massage

What to do AFTER a massage

Kayla Flohre

Have you just received a massage? Are you feeling loose and relaxed and like that all that tension in your shoulders is gone? Are you wondering how in the world you can keep your body feeling like this longer? I have the answers!

Whether you are coming in for your regular monthly massage or you visit us sporadically, we give you some advice before you leave the studio. This advice isn't just a suggestion but things we know are proven to help. Massage is relaxing but in many ways it can help with all different kinds of issues you may have: chronic or acute pains, headaches, recovering from surgery, injuries and so much more. Whatever the reason for a massage, we are only with you for a short time and knowing what to do once you leave the massage room is something that will help.

The number one thing that we as therapists suggest is drinking lots of water. Our bodies and blood need water to keep things moving. It helps bring oxygen and nutrients to our muscles, organs and tissues. Massage helps to increase the circulation of both your blood and your lymph. The lymphatic system is responsible for maintaining your immune system; it helps in the removal of toxins by serving as the fluid transport system between cells and your bloodstream. Massage will move and begin the process of getting rid of toxins that our bodies build up. Drinking water will help to eliminate and expel those toxins. One more way water improves your health!

Another thing that helps after a massage is having a small snack. When we give you a massage, all of the systems in your body are increasing the things that they do to help your body work, including your digestive system. Sometimes people feel light-headed or a little bit out of energy and a small snack will help aid your body to feel a little bit more energized and fuel the digestive system.

Lastly, believe it or not, continuing to relax after a massage is the best way to help your body stay in the most comfortable state of mind. Going back to work or back to a stressful situation may not be the best idea. Try and schedule your massage when you know that you have the time to care for yourself afterwards as well.

Feeling some soreness after a massage is completely normal. As we're working directly on the muscles, it acts as a passive workout for your body. And with the toxins leaving your muscles it can also cause some soreness. Hence the water we suggest! Water, a small snack and staying in a relaxing mode all benefit your health!

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