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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Kayla Burnside

 Let's talk about hot stones! If you've been wondering what they are, what the benefits may be and if you can get a hot stone massage, this is definitely a blog that you should be reading.

   Hot stones are a great way to have an added, amazing experience during your massages. The stones are used by the therapists who have been certified, as an extension of their hands to help delve deeper into muscle tension and painful areas in the body.

   Historically, Hot Stones were used for massages in Russia, Hawaii, Japan, and Native American cultures. The stones themselves are Basalt stones. These specific kind of stones are made from volcanic activity. The texture of the stones comes from sitting in the riverbed while water is rushing over them making them very smooth. 

   Not only are the stones a fantastic addition and great feeling on your body, there are benefits to the use of them as well. If you like deeper work done during your massages, you'll love hearing this. One of the benefits of the hot stones is that the deep heat relaxes the soft tissue by reducing congestion and tension allowing the therapist access to deeper soft tissues that may otherwise be difficult to get into without the stones heat. Other benefits of using the stones are for everyone! They increase circulation and nutrition to the muscles, helps to relieve stress, muscle spasms and discomfort and pain throughout the body.

   Unfortunately, there are a few contraindications for the use of the hot stones. People with severe high blood pressure that is not medically controlled, liver and kidney disorders or conditions, cardiac conditions such as arrhythmias, extreme dilated varicose veins, extreme dermatitis, neuropathy that is associated with diabetes, epilepsy (because the body's added temperature may trigger a seizure), peripheral vascular disease, pregnancy, cancer, lupus, mononucleosis, and HIV/AIDS. These boundaries are set in place for specific reasons and are crucial for your safety.

   I hope this Blog has gotten everyone interested in the hot stones, be sure to call us  and ask to schedule an appointment with a therapist for your first hot stone massage!

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