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Words of Wellness

Have You Ever Cut Yourself But It Didn't Bleed?

Have You Ever Cut Yourself But It Didn't Bleed?

Bradley Swallows, LMT

*Have You Ever Cut Yourself But It Didn't Bleed?*

Sometimes when we suffer a mild abrasion that isn't deep enough to bleed we can cut into what is known as our lymphatic system, and a clear fluid can seep out. Our lymphatic system is a lot like your veins. Your veins carry blood throughout your body, whereas your lymphatic system carries what is known as lymph. However your lymphatic system does not have a pump to push your lymph where it needs to go, like your blood has your heart.

So what moves your lymph? Well YOU do! Moving your muscles pumps your lymph where it needs to go! Your lymphatic system helps filter all the toxins out of your body that we don't want to be there. So the more you move, the more lymph you pump, and the healthier you are!

Sometimes though our body can have problems filtering for itself. Problems like, injuries, surgeries, and birth defects can hinder or block lymphatic flow. Most commonly mastectomies in women can remove a large amount of lymphatic vessels and hinder the movement of lymph from the arms back into the torso.

Massage Therapy can help immensely with training the body to find a new path for the lymph to take. Massage Therapists manually move the lymph through your body with massage. This, in turn can help with various problems like fluid buildup, congestion in the skin, and overall body health.

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