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Smartphone Countermeasures

Smartphone Countermeasures

Elements Massage Cave Creek

In our tech-savvy world, it’s easy to always be glancing down at your smartphone. At stoplights, at the grocery store, when you are supposed to be watching your kids play soccer, the temptation in the handheld device is just too much.

A problem that’s accompanying the widespread, frequent use of smartphones is a condition that’s been coined “tech neck” and it is defined by the orthopedic risk smartphone usage carries that typically manifests with a hunch in the shoulders or uncomfortable knots in the neck.

To undo the damage that’s accumulating on a daily basis, here’s what our talented team at Elements Massage Cave Creek recommends:

Yoga poses are a great way to counter the damage done by looking down all of the time. Several poses that promote opening include Cobra, Downward Facing Dog, and a Front Chest Opener.

Another tool to combat “tech neck” is off course, massage. From Swedish to Deep Tissue, through the application of pressure and movement, massage can help restore healthy posture while giving extra attention to the neck and shoulder areas.

While you can’t spend all day at our studio (or doing yoga), it’s also important to just try and be more mindful of how you use your smartphone. This can help you reduce the impact of technology on your posture and is a surefire way to feel healthier this year.

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