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Avoiding Common Running Injuries

Elements Massage Cave Creek Sep 27, 2017 Our Studio

Take note and pay attention to our excellent tips on how you can prevent and avoid the most common running injuries:

Relax This Summer with Aromatherapy!

Elements Massage Cave Creek Jul 10, 2017 Our Studio

Aromatherapy is the unique service that promotes health and wellbeing through the use of aromatic, essential oils derived from plants, bark, flowers and other organic matter.

Hikers are Athletes who can Benefit From Massage Too

Amanda Durfee, LMT Mar 30, 2017 Our Studio

Whether you are a nature walker, an adventure seeker who enjoys strenuous day hikes, or even if you are a weekend backpacker, massage therapy can benefit you in multiple ways.

Massage as Meditation

Elements Massage Cave Creek Mar 24, 2017 Our Studio

The benefits of massage are not just confined to the physical realm though and as an activity, it has the ability to benefit the mind in many important ways.

How Therapeutic Massage Can Relieve Headaches and Migraines

Karla Rosser, Owner Mar 13, 2017 Our Studio

When was the last time you suffered from the pain of a headache? And when was the last time you found a professional that REALLY cared about helping you to feel better?

The Golfer’s Massage Therapist

Randi Daniels, LMT and Karla Rosser, Owner Feb 7, 2017 Our Studio

What if you could improve your swing, lengthen your time on the course, or be pain free from that pesky golfers elbow? Learn how a massage from Elements Massage Cave Creek can help improve your game!

How Massage Can Impact Your Life

Karla Rosser, Owner Dec 16, 2016 Our Studio

The list of how massage at Elements Massage Cave Creek can impact your life could go on and on, but here are a few possible ways that we might be able help you or those you love.

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