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Feb 2, 2015

We are giving away 3 Free Massages this month. To get your free entries, simply use the form below to connect with us in various ways. Be sure to tell your friends about this raffle because if we get at least 1000 entries, we will increase the prize to 5 Free Massages! You can earn free extra entries every day so check back here regularly!

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Comments (106)

Priya Bhatt on Feb 02, 2015
I love the atmosphere at Elements Massage! I would love to win some free massages! :)

Sandra K on Feb 02, 2015
I have not had a massage that I didn't enjoy or feel relief from.

Sue Levan on Feb 02, 2015
I think of a massage as pampering; and Elements does just that! The staff is very friendly and professional.

Kathy Demas on Feb 02, 2015
Love getting massages here!

Katherine valle on Feb 02, 2015
Love this place

Karolina N. on Feb 02, 2015
Sooo relaxing....

Cristi on Feb 02, 2015
The atmosphere is so relaxing!

MaryAnn Rose on Feb 02, 2015
Love the Spa! Originally visited with GC, but was so impressed and happy with services that I decided to 'join' the club! Very happy so far. Good job!!
PS...I have been both giving away GC's and recommending spa to everyone.

Nancy Porter on Feb 02, 2015
Best place ever! Julia and Candy are always so sweet. Have used different therapists and have always had a great massage!!!!!

Carole on Feb 02, 2015
Love, love, love them!

Carole on Feb 02, 2015
Love, love, love them!

Len on Feb 02, 2015
Finding the right therapist have been a life changing event for me and my personal health. I was plagued by back problems for years until I stated going to Elements on a regular basis, and I now feel fantastic. My sincere thanks for Karen, Amanda, Scott and the others who spent a considerable amount of time and effort into helping me.

Raul Sanchez on Feb 02, 2015
I get excellent service from all of the staff, the fact that I got a membership says it all. I am very content!

Scott Simmons on Feb 02, 2015
Elements in Bloomingdale is the best. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Great Massage Therapists as well. Leah is especially good ! Julia, Candy, Kristen, and Eva are awesome !!
How about showing me some love with a free massage this month 😄

Patti Hansen on Feb 02, 2015
I love elements I feel so good when I leave!!! I really can use a free massage! Please pick me

Lori Beddard on Feb 02, 2015
Great Massages

Renee Hodum on Feb 02, 2015
Love you guys!!!

Dave on Feb 02, 2015
Always a great experience. .. walk across for wings after..

Jill W on Feb 02, 2015
Massage is a staple in my life...makes it easier to stay active.

Mina Field on Feb 02, 2015
Love you all!

Kathy Haben on Feb 02, 2015
My family just loves, loves, loves going to Elements. Such a great stress reliever both physically and mentally.

Krista Schraag on Feb 02, 2015
Whats not to love about this place? Friendly, professional, and relaxing. Every therapist is good. I enjoy coming here and recommend it!

Arlene D on Feb 02, 2015
Every therapist that I have had at Elements has be great. They listen to my needs and are very skilled . The gals at the front desk are very helpful.

Brittney Van Ness on Feb 02, 2015
Awesome idea

PAMELA GERSTMAY on Feb 02, 2015

Sandee on Feb 02, 2015
Love Elements. The therapists are great. I love a good deep tissue massage and they are awesome at Elements. The front desk staff are very friendly and efficient. This facility is run very well. 5 stars!!!

Karen G. on Feb 02, 2015
Karen and Leah listen and work hard to relieve my pain. Atmosphere is consistently clean and relaxing. Staff is consistently friendly and professional.

Diane on Feb 02, 2015
I always look forward to my time spent at Elements!

g on Feb 02, 2015
I want to win!!

Jessica Cairo on Feb 02, 2015
Had an amazing experience there once and would love to win a free massage to come back in and experience it all over again!

ila shah on Feb 02, 2015
I love to have massage there. i may win!!! Hoping to win. Love the Spa and
Massage Therapists are wonderful.

jim roach on Feb 02, 2015
Love to win a massage, they're awesome.

Erica on Feb 02, 2015
very nice massage studio. Lots of wonderful Therapist to choose from

Katie on Feb 02, 2015
Mom of a toddler here and newly pregnant. Could definitely use a massage! :)

Carmela Balice on Feb 02, 2015
I've enjoyed every massage from Elements Massage, but unfortunately have not had one in a long time. I would love to win some free massages!

Debbie C. on Feb 02, 2015
I have a walking disability and walk with a crutch. I put a lot of pressure on my lower back because of my no balance issue. A massage helps loan up my muscles and helps me feel pain free for a little bit. Elements Massage is very tranquil and is soothing to your soul. I would especially love to win a massage since February is my birthday month :)

Lois Thomas on Feb 02, 2015
I love the atmosphere and the quality of the therapists. Kimberly is wonderful and the desk staff are friendly and helpful.

charles on Feb 02, 2015
I am ready to try it ou!

Ashley Davis on Feb 02, 2015
Very professional therapists who know what they're doing. Very relaxing setting. You definitely feel like you are in good hands!

Bob Amberg on Feb 02, 2015
Elements is the envy of Envy

Sandie Mize on Feb 02, 2015
I have been coming to Elements in Bloomingdale for years, and still continue to enjoy the atmosphere, staff, and the therapists. Keep up the good work!

Renee Engel on Feb 02, 2015
Love massages

Michelle Taylor on Feb 02, 2015
Entry for free massages.

Valerie Vazquez on Feb 02, 2015
The pressure of the massage and the actual environment. A soft and dim lighting is great along with very soothing music

Erica S on Feb 02, 2015
All the staff is great. From the time you walk in until the time you leave it's a great experience.

Brian Holtorff on Feb 02, 2015
great massage

Sharon on Feb 02, 2015
Love this place. Anxious to visit again soon

Jane F. on Feb 02, 2015
My daughter gave me a gift certificate for mothers day and I really enjoyed the massage and the staff.

Carolyn Lean on Feb 02, 2015
Leah is the best!

Lynn W on Feb 02, 2015
Great place and wonderful staff. Scott is awesome!

Dan Schuchardt on Feb 02, 2015
I was only there once, but had a very ood experience.

DEBBIE on Feb 02, 2015

Lauren Eskridge on Feb 02, 2015
I loved my last massage!! Wish I could afford one now!

Sana on Feb 02, 2015
Love coming here and seeing my regular person ! I would love to get a free massage!

Anand on Feb 02, 2015
Massage is a relaxing therapy.It is a luxury provide you get a masseuse like Amanda.For that hour all your pain are gone and you are energized.The effe lasts longer than an hour.

Charisse O'Fallon on Feb 02, 2015
I love how much better I feel after my massage! Amanda is awesome!

Lindsay Currie on Feb 02, 2015
Fingers crossed...could really use a great massage!

Mandy Williams on Feb 02, 2015
I've suffered from chronic migraines for over 20 years. Massage is one of the few things that I look forward to. It helps center me, relieve some tension and bring hopefully give me some extra time between migraine pain where I can feel human again! Thanks to the staff at Elements I can count of feeling great for the hour that I'm with them.

Susan Galle on Feb 02, 2015
I just love the "me" time without the annoyance of my cell phone or the rest of the world - Calgon take me away! I would absolutely love to win some free massages!

Lori D on Feb 02, 2015
I love my massages at Elements Massage. They are therapeutic as well as relaxing.

samuel garcia jr. on Feb 02, 2015
After starting a new job and moving to a new house my body is asking for a good massage. Elements can make that happen for me.

Cathy on Feb 02, 2015
I've always had a wonderful massage here! The staff is very professional and cater to your needs. They even helped my mom when I brought her there for her first massage at 76 years old. Very professional, explained everything to her, even let us have the couples room so she felt comfortable with me being "by her side" and we enjoyed massages together. Wonderful place.

Jeanine on Feb 02, 2015
Love Elements!!!

Jeanine on Feb 02, 2015

Kathleen Kudia on Feb 02, 2015
I love elements massages! They are such an amazing experience.

Joe Bonk on Feb 02, 2015
Always leave feeling 100%

Sharon on Feb 02, 2015
You guys are the best!

Mark on Feb 02, 2015

Joyce Hoff on Feb 02, 2015
Love Kimberly and Julia!!!!

Rosanne G on Feb 02, 2015
I have been a member for over 3yrs! I look forward to my monthly messages.!! Can't wait😆😆

Michelle Holman on Feb 02, 2015
Your massages are the best!

Jeff Cook on Feb 02, 2015
Your business is very professionally run in every way. It is appreciated.

Deanna Banner on Feb 02, 2015
I've only had one massage at Elements, but it was great! The therapist worked on trigger points which I obviously have a lot of. Would love another great massage.

Ben Joseph on Feb 02, 2015
I love the people at Elements. They are so good at what they do. They are very friendly and accommodating. Thanks for all you do

Fonda Moyers on Feb 03, 2015
I always feel renewed and relaxed after a massage.

Mohammed on Feb 03, 2015
Looking to get the best message compare to massage eny.

Denise on Feb 03, 2015
I have been going to Elements for over 5 years.....I started going while pregnant with my son and I am addicted!!

lisa marchese on Feb 03, 2015
great place for massage! Andrew is wonderful! very clean, very professional and comfortable place and staff!

Lori on Feb 03, 2015
Love Elements...staff is always courteous, patient & helpful. Very relaxing atmosphere & the Therapists are the best!

john mirabelli on Feb 03, 2015
clean facility

Debbie Cassidy on Feb 03, 2015
I LOVE getting a massage from Elements - Scott - every two/three weeks!! It's been such a huge help with my health issues!

Dixit Patel on Feb 03, 2015
I would like to give away a free massage to a doctor I work with, who is pregnant. She works really hard to delivery care to people while being 8 months pregnant! I think she deserves a free massage!

Jinal Joshi on Feb 03, 2015
I love getting massages here. Everyone is so friendly & massage therapist are amazing I always leave this place feeling relaxed :)

Diana Phommachanh on Feb 03, 2015
Had a free mini massage at work and it was good.

Tatiana Andel on Feb 03, 2015
I love Elements since my first visit. I enjoyed massage from different Therapists. All of them were awesome and helped me a lot!

Geri Desparrois on Feb 03, 2015
Love to have your massages.

ArunaLal on Feb 03, 2015
Had a great message. Would love to have another free message.

Monica on Feb 03, 2015
My massage therapist was incredible. She hit the spots I needed and I walked away refreshed

gayle vulpitta on Feb 03, 2015
Kenal is the best masseuse Ever!!

Don Berg on Feb 03, 2015
Have never been disappointed at Elements. Professional, friendly staff with a very relaxing environment. A great escape from life's stress and worries.

Bill S on Feb 04, 2015
Kimberly is awesome! I highly recommend her!

daniela on Feb 04, 2015
I miss Heather

marissa on Feb 04, 2015
I would love a massage!!

Adham Ibrahim on Feb 04, 2015
Free is for me :)

Tanya on Feb 04, 2015
I truly enjoy the deep tissue massage therapy. It does wonders for headaches and post workout tightness!

Tanya on Feb 04, 2015
I truly enjoy the deep tissue massage therapy. It does wonders for headaches and post workout tightness!

Diane Alexander on Feb 04, 2015
I would love to win a massage!

G woods on Feb 04, 2015
Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Julie Marre on Feb 04, 2015
It's a great way to relax!

Daniella Brown on Feb 05, 2015
I've only been here once, but it's by far my favorite place I have ever gotten a massage.

Rosa Bonfiglio on Feb 05, 2015
I absolutely adore Carrie and her wonderful hands!

Elizabeth pawelek on Feb 06, 2015
What a wonderful relaxing place

Cathe Ondek on Feb 08, 2015
Great place. Great service.

Lisa L on Feb 13, 2015
Love Katherine....very relaxing!

Jessica Solo on Mar 01, 2015
I feel better after I have a massage and love to do it more like once a month..Thanks

Suzanne Funkhouser on Mar 28, 2015
A massage from elements does great things for the body. It helps relax your muscles and the massage therapists can teach you simple ways to avoid reoccurring tightness. Then you can focus on that in between appointments and you will find it helps.

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