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Fantastic Excuses to Get a Massage

Fantastic Excuses to Get a Massage

Although some people think of massage as an “extra” or “indulgence”, massage is becoming more widely recognized as a treatment for dozens of symptoms and diagnosed problems. So why should you get a massage? Here are some fantastic reasons – excuses, if you will - to find a massage therapist and schedule an appointment:

  • You’re stressed. It is well-known that massage therapy can help manage or relieve stress. Millions of Americans suffer from anxiety disorders and depression. Massage can help alleviate stress and tension that may manifest itself physically. If you’ve undergone surgery, massage can aid in shortening recovery time. Massage works with your brain to boost the chemicals that reduce anxiety while suppressing hormones that increase stress in your brain and body.
  • You are having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Massage can greatly improve your quality of sleep. Regular massage treatments have been proven to help people fall asleep easier and sleep well through the night. How? Massage relaxes the body and mind by increasing blood flow to the brain and aids in soothing muscles. You will be better rested and more prepared to take on your busy day!
  • You want to achieve optimal health. Regular massage therapy is a critical part of achieving optimal health and wellness. Not only can massage improve the results of regular exercise by helping your muscles recover and heal faster, it offers other positive side effects. Benefits include increased energy, better sleep, deeper concentration, less depression, increased flexibility and range of motion. In addition to a healthy diet and exercise routine, don’t forget to include a regularly scheduled appointment with your massage therapist! Your overall wellness is worth it.

What’s your excuse to get a massage?

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