Integrative Reflexology®

Integrative Reflexology® is a natural healing method that can deliver a wide array of benefits, including improved digestion, circulation, relaxation and pain relief. By applying pressure to key points on the feet, hands and ears and also incorporating traditional massage practices during your 100-minute massage session*, your massage therapist can help balance your body, inside and out.

Who Can Benefit?

Integrative Reflexology® can benefit almost anyone who wants to experience a very deep level of relaxation and/or address swelling in feet and lower limbs. This massage modality is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands, and ears that correspond to the glands, organs and other key systems of the body. By working with the more than 100,000 nerve endings on the bottom of the feet, Integrative Reflexology® allows your massage therapist to enhance the relaxation and benefits of traditional massage practices and further address muscular tension.

*Session includes time for dressing and consultation. The Integrative Reflexology® trademark and modality are the property of Claire Marie Miller Seminars, Inc. Each Elements Massage™ studio is independently owned and operated. Restrictions may apply; see participating studios for details.

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