Massage for the Elderly

Geriatric massage is a form of therapy designed to meet the specific needs of the elderly. As we get older, massage can help to manage the many physical and mental challenges that arise with age.

Geriatric massage is designed to help clients over the age of 75 receive bodywork and relief from a wide variety of ailments. There is a misguided perception in our society that the elderly are too fragile to touch; however the massage therapists at Elements Massage in Timonium know that this is not true! In fact, the elderly can even receive firm pressure massage in most cases. We believe that the elderly deserve to receive the amazing healing benefits that frequent massage has to offer.


Geriatric massage offers the following benefits:

  • Improvement in length and quality of sleep.
  • Relief of stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness.
  • Alleviation of headaches and pain.
  • Speeding up of healing from injury and illness.
  • Partial restoration of mobility lost due to Parkinson's disease, arthritis, etc.
  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Improve balance and flexibility
  • Reduce the pain of arthritis
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Improve posture and encourage overall well-being

Geriatric massage can be especially helpful for maintaining and improving overall health as we age.

Geriatric massage uses some of the same basic massage techniques as other modalities. It is, however, tailored to the specific health conditions and needs of the elderly population. Geriatric massage has the following characteristics:

  • Use of gentle massage hand motion. These motions are comfortable and soothing to the body and they are designed to improve blood circulation and relieve muscle tension.
  • Gentle massaging of the hands and feet (if the joints are not inflamed) to prevent stiffness and relieve pain.
  • Occasional use of stronger movements such as friction and pressure strokes. These are sometimes used to massage such areas as the shoulders to improve flexibility.

As always, check with your doctor first to make sure that you are the right candidate for frequent massage. Certain medical conditions and medicines may prevent you from receiving bodywork. Contact us today!

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