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What is Sports Massage?

What is Sports Massage?

Quinn Holmes and RondaKae Vainikka

“Sports Massage” is another ambiguous term for something that can be extremely beneficial. It can mean pre or post-event warmup or cool-down and muscle conditioning OR, it can mean sports injury rehabilitation. The intent of this article is to create clarity for you, so that when you book a “Sports Massage” you get exactly what you're looking for.

Pre and post-event sports massage, is a quick fast-paced, highly circulatory massage that is specifically designed to help athletes perform their best and recover as quickly and effectively as possible. Pre-event massages are beneficial as early as two days prior to the event and right up to the event time. Post-event massages are typically most beneficial when given immediately after the event or same day. After that the benefit would be similar to regular massage sessions.

Sports Rehabilitation Massages are typically more specific in nature and are done to support an athlete in their healing post-injury. By helping restore health to injured muscle tissue, you will improve movement and endurance after an injury.

- RondaKae Vainikka AAS BCTMB with Quinn Holmes

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