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Pregnancy and Massage

Pregnancy and Massage

RondaKae K. Vainikka

Pregnant mothers can (and should!) get massage during gestation. There are many benefits to both mom and baby.

For Mom


Your body is strained in ways it's not used to, carrying around the added weight of the baby. Some women experience swelling in legs (edema) or headaches.
Low back strain and stiffness in neck and shoulders are also common. 
Increased Fatigue while your body assists in the production of a whole new being.
Prenatal Massage can help. 

Mentally & Emotionally: 

60 to 90 minutes of "you" time can put you in a good frame of mind and ready to deal with all the added complexities pregnancy and motherhood brings.

The serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine released during massage add to the mental feel-good benefit. And the added benefit of putting you in a good state to get some sleep.

For Baby

A happy, well-rested mom, gives the baby a little smoother entry into life. The baby is less likely to be born premature or low birth weight and there are different studies that show massage can change the birth experience.

There is also a belief that the different stages of the birth experience have a significant impact on a baby's skills around choice and ability to work as part of a team. 
So, you can see that this transition into life is an important one and that massage can have a huge positive impact.

Due to the increased risk of miscarriage during the first 12 weeks, Elements chooses to only treat those in their second and third trimester. We also ask that those who are high-risk pregnancies get a note from their medical doctor before receiving massage as we want the best possible outcomes for mothers and babies.

Here at Elements, we have the availability of a prenatal massage table that supports your tummy while face down; which one client found so comfortable she stated, " I forgot I was pregnant!" We also have the traditional side-lying cushions to bolster you however you feel most comfortable as this experience is all about you.

And once the baby is born? Be sure to come back and see us as massage is a great support for new mothers as well! A tip or two from your therapist might have you massaging baby for a little mother-baby bonding time.

If you'd like to schedule a prenatal massage for yourself or an expectant mother in your life, please call Elements Massage St. Louis Park 952-222-3000 and schedule today.

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