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The Effects of Epsom Salt Baths

The Effects of Epsom Salt Baths

Rob Callahan

Photo Credit Woman relaxes in a marble tiled bath tub. image by Andy Dean from

Epsom salt is a widely-used, multipurpose mineral available at many grocery stores, pharmacies and other retail stores. As a bath additive, epsom salt has many general and specific uses that improve and alleviate certain conditions. To take an epsom salt bath, mix two cups of epsom salt into a tub of hot water and enjoy the effects.

Relaxation, Stress Abatement and Muscle Relief

When you soak in a hot bath you become more relaxed. Your stress levels decline and you are better able to concentrate and sleep. This is a result of the lower levels of anxiety you feel.
A hot bath with epsom salt has additional benefits, according to, which include reduction of inflammation, soothing of sore muscles and alleviation of pain or cramps. The improved condition of your muscles assists their proper functioning, which may otherwise be impaired by soreness or pain. If you suffer from some chronic conditions, such as arthritis, an epsom salt bath can also reduce your pain and stiffness.

Improvements to Circulatory Health's Planet Green website notes that epsom salt baths also prevent irregular heartbeats, hardening of your arteries and unwanted blood clots. As your circulatory system functions properly, it delivers more oxygen to other parts of your body and your other systems and organs function better than they would with an unhealthy circulatory system.

Effects on Skin and General Health

Soaking in an epsom salt bath exfoliates your skin. Irritants that may have caused itching or redness are removed and so are contaminants that coat your skin and clog your pores. Cleaner skin is healthier skin, and your overall health and attitude improve along with the condition of your muscles, heart and skin.

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