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Massage for Cardiac Health

Massage for Cardiac Health

Elements Massage Scottsdale Lincoln

Did you know that according to the American Heart Association, one of the biggest killers of men and women in the U.S. is cardiovascular disease?

One of the many powers of massage is that it delivers a variety of healthy mind and body benefits. But one of the lesser known benefits is that massage can do wonders when it comes to keeping your heart and arteries healthy and youthful. Here’s a bit more on why this ancient art can help:

Cardiovascular Benefits
The application and pressure in a stimulating massage have can help reduce blood pressure and heart rate, thus decreasing hypertension. The relaxation and sense of calmness derived from time spent at a massage studio significantly reduce pain, anxiety, stress, and even muscular tension. Another benefit of massage is that it can suppress the production of the body’s stress hormone, cortisol.

It is important to talk to your current physician before beginning a massage therapy program. Likewise, once you come into our studio, discuss your health openly with your massage therapist to ensure the best results possible.

Other Cardiovascular Health Tips
While massage can help address cardiovascular disease, there are many responsible steps to take to decrease your risk. In fact, here are a few healthy ways to take control and make positive life decisions for your wellness:

  • Get Active - Try for at least 30 minutes of exercise a day at least 4 times a week.
  • Control Cholesterol - Watch your cholesterol to ward off worry around heart disease and stroke.
  • Lose Weight - Find the right balance for you that includes healthy eating and the right amount of exercise.
  • Reduce Blood Sugar - Seek out regular check ups and ensure that you are checking for diabetes.
  • Manage Blood Pressure - The most significant factor for heart disease, lifestyle changes for managing blood pressure include limiting stress, getting exercise, and reducing salt.

Book a massage at Elements Massage Scottsdale Lincoln today for better cardiac health!


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