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Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Elements Massage Scottsdale Lincoln

Have you ever noticed that sleep is the first thing to get bumped off of your priority list when life gets busy? Are you staying up too late to get extra work reports in? Or perhaps you are watching too many Netflix shows… it’s easy to compromise on sleep by reducing the hours you get to do it.

If you chip away at your sleep time, however, there is a steep price to pay. Not getting enough sleep can impair your cognitive processes, making you susceptible to health problems, and can exacerbate depression and anxiety. Also, if you regularly undersleep, your immune system can tank, leaving you exposed to pick up whatever germs are around you.

To overhaul your sleep habits and bring about positive change to the cycle of sleep deprivation, we recommend you call our studio today. Booking an appointment with one of our talented massage therapists is the first step in altering your sleep quality for good.

In fact, massage can do wonders for inducing higher quality sleep. Here’s how:

  • Promotes Release of Serotonin
    Serotonin is a hormone that is necessary for your body to produce melatonin. Melatonin is your body’s natural sleep-inducer and if you lack the right amount of it, you may struggle to fall or stay asleep. With massage, you get more serotonin to feel good and, in turn, more melatonin to sleep better.
  • A Quiet Mind
    Those worries that seem to come only at night can keep you awake and stoke your sense of anxiety and depression. This leads to a crippling cycle of worrying, not sleeping, worrying, not sleeping. To break this negative spiral, massage can calm the central nervous system, enabling for a quieter, more peaceful drift off.
  • Release Muscle Tension
    Restless Leg syndrome is a condition in which the leg muscles spontaneously twitch and, unfortunately, it can greatly interfere with a good night’s sleep. Massage however, can increase circulation, release hormones, and reduce muscle tightness that may, in turn, allow a sufferer of this condition achieve better sleep.
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