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Improve Health and Well-Being by Beating Workplace Stress

Nov 16, 2012

Improve Health and Well-Being by Beating Workplace Stress


Tight deadlines, never-ending multitasking, huge project piles and multi-source pressures from bosses, customers and co-workers are all too common characteristics in today’s workplace environment. Working every day in this type of environment can leave employees feeling overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted.


Workplace stress is so prevalent that 69 percent of employees report that work is a significant source of stress in their lives and 41 percent say they typically feel tense or stressed out during the workday.1  While eliminating stress altogether is unrealistic, there are some easy day-to-day techniques that you can incorporate into your daily work schedule to help reduce workplace tension and stress. Try incorporating the following stress busters before, during and after your workday to improve your health and well-being at work and at home.

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