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Mar 8, 2013 Wellness

Do the cold weather and gray skies leave your mind and body feeling fatigued and sluggish? Are your lower back muscles stiff and tight from staying cooped up in your house or office during unfavorable weather conditions? If so, it is time to put a spring back into your step and relieve your lower back pain with the following four lower back healthy habits.

Feb 6, 2013 Wellness

It’s February, the month of LOVE.  And, yes, romance is in the air!Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovebirds, but one day is far too short a time for all the romance of February.  Why not show your significant other your love and concern for their health by preparing (or ordering) romantic and superbly nutritious dinners for two?Here are five ways to...

Jan 22, 2013 Wellness

The answer depends on various factors, including your overall health and the nature of your pain, for example whether it is chronic or not.Although a single massage session provides stress relief and relaxation to most people, it may not fully alleviate pain or soreness, especially if chronic.  Similar to athletic training, the benefits of massage build over time...

Jan 22, 2013 Wellness

A study conducted at Cedars Sinai Medical Center shows that the benefits of massage are sustained and cumulative with repeated massage therapy sessions."Study researchers, led by Mark Hyman Rapaport, examined the biological effects of repeated Swedish Massage Therapy and light touch intervention. In a prior study, the researchers found that healthy people who undergo...

Jan 12, 2013 Wellness

Waiting On You Hand and Foot As old man winter blows in dry, cold weather this time of year, your hands and feet may be suffering from dry conditions, irritated skin and stiff muscle aches. Your hands and feet can really take a beating throughout the course of your busy life, but especially during the winter season, making this time of the year the best season to give your hands...

Jan 1, 2013 Wellness

With spring endurance events on the horizon, the winter months are a perfect time to re-tune and rejuvenate your mind, body and muscles with regular massage therapy sessions. Whether you are looking for relief from pain, release of tension, reduction of stress for your mind and muscles, or simply to relax and feel your best as you prepare for your next event, a therapeutic massage can help to promote your mind and body’s health and well-being.

Dec 8, 2012 Wellness

The bottom line to having a healthy and happy holiday season this year is to focus on enjoying more healthy ways to treat yourself, rather than consuming large quantities of holiday food and beverages. Instead of turning to high calorie foods and beverages to celebrate the holiday season and combat stressful tensions that may arise during this time of year, opt for a therapeutic...

Nov 17, 2012 Wellness

Stress Buster Three: Finish Off the Day On Time and Organized   To finish off your day stress-free, find a good stopping point on your project/task list and shut down your work around the same time each day. Humans are creatures of habit so the more consistent you are with ending your day, the less stress you will carry with you as you return home from work. To create end-of-day...

Nov 17, 2012 Wellness

Ongoing Stress Buster: Regular Monthly Massages Lead to Stress-Free Living   To keep your mind and body aligned and working in sync, monthly massage therapy sessions are important to restoring and reinvigorating your overall health and well-being at work and at home. Regular monthly massage provides relief and relaxation to people of all ages, occupations and workplace...

Nov 17, 2012 Wellness

Stress Buster Two: Break Up Workday Stress with Regular Relaxation Breaks   Stress can be a huge player in reducing company productivity, employee efficiency and project accuracy. In fact, 51 percent of employees said they were less productive at work as a result of stress.1 To help combat constant workplace stress, it is important to take regular breaks throughout the day...

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