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Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 9am - 3pm
Elements Massage 86 Danbury Rd
Ridgefield, CT   06877
(203) 403-3348 Elements Massage$49 to $99
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86 Danbury Rd
Ridgefield, CT 06877

Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 9am - 3pm

Mary | Licensed Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Wednesday, Friday


"My massage therapist Mary was magical! She did exactly as I requested and totally welcomed any feedback I had, adjusting in the moment. I have been under a lot is stress lately and she helped me to forget and truly be in the moment, letting go and unwinding. Extremely satisfied!" - Melissa W.

"Mary was great. She also offered exercise to reduce pan and discomfort." - Tim K.

With over ten years of experience as a licensed massage therapist as well as a physical therapy assistant, Mary is your next go to LMT for pain relief. Whether you are looking for light or deep work, Mary's capable hands will leave you better than they found you.

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