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Movements of Massage

Movements of Massage

Elements Massage Phoenix Arcadia

Massage can be an unrivaled relaxing experience. From the moment you walk into the massage studio carrying the stress of the outside world, our environment sets you up to unwind. The powers of massage deliver benefits to your mind and body. Here is a bit more information about the different movements and types of touch employed during a session to help revitalize and restore your sense of well being:

This movement involves squeezing and releasing motions that are quick. These actions can bring awareness and help restore energy to the mind and body. Plus, it is a great tool to get rid of nervous energy and set the stage for a relaxing experience.

Another movement in massage, rubbing produces friction that stimulates blood flow and boosts circulation. Massage therapists use flat palms for large areas and fingertips for smaller regions. This movement can invigorate the body and boost energy.

Pressure points specifically are an area that receive attention during a massage. Perfect for addressing deep-seated knots or tension, the application of pressure using thumbs or ring fingers is key in unlocking release.

Effleurage references the long, calming motions used in massage like stroking. This movement can bring about a sense of calmness, particularly for the central nervous system, and can assist in aligning muscle fibers.

When you book an appointment at our studio, talk to your massage therapist about what type of movements feel best for you and remember communication is key in any satisfying massage.

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