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The Perfect Match: Massage and Yoga

The Perfect Match: Massage and Yoga

Elements Massage Peoria

Alone, both massage and yoga do wonders for your overall well being but together they form a powerhouse of health that produces benefits that can increase your quality of life. Combining the benefits of yoga with massage enables your mind, body, and spirit to achieve a harmony that influences your lifestyle and overall health.


There are many options when it comes to different types of yoga and massage. The best bet is to experiment and feel out what is best for you.


For yoga:

  • Hatha yoga is a gentle approach that involves slow movement and a lot of breath work.
  • Bikrim yoga is very hot and sweaty and enables your body to work on movement and stretching.
  • Ashtanga yoga, also referred to as Power yoga, is the closest yoga form to a vigorous workout.
  • Vinyasa yoga is a type of yoga that works on deep and intense stretching.


For massage:

  • Deep tissue massage works on the deepest layers of muscles and tendons to release tension and stress.
  • Sports massage concentrates on sore muscles by moving lactic acid built up during intense activity out of the body.
  • Swedish massage, the most common form, involves gentle kneading and broad strokes of the body to promote relaxation.
  • Cranial sacral massage addresses the head area to relieve headaches, migraines, or other jaw-related issues.


Although the list above is not complete, it is a starting point to embark on a yoga/massage routine. The next question is what activity should come first and that answer depends on what you are looking for. If massage comes before yoga, your body will be more relaxed and able to concentrate on the yoga at hand. If the yoga comes first, massage can create a relaxing experience after working out. It’s really up to you!

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