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Sleep Tight, Sleep Right with Therapeutic Massage

Sleep Tight, Sleep Right with Therapeutic Massage

Elements Massage Peoria

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that sleep needs are just as unique and individual as we are! Some people feel great getting seven hours every night, while someone else might need closer to nine in order to feel rested and fully functioning.   This is due to two interacting factors: basal sleep need and sleep debt.  Basal sleep need refers to the amount of sleep someone needs on a regular basis in order for their bodies and brains to fully recover from a day’s activities.  Sleep debt, on the other hand, is the accumulated tiredness that occurs when someone does not get the number of hours they need on a regular basis.  Sleep debt can accrue for a number of reasons – sickness, environmental factors that wake us up (sirens, crying, thunderstorms, etc.), and general sleeplessness.  In the United States, sleeplessness is becoming an increasing problem; with over 30% of the population reporting some form of insomnia while many more suffer from less extreme forms of restlessness at bedtime. In order to reduce the amount of sleep debt weighing you down, getting to sleep faster and sleeping better are important aspects to consider.  

An excellent way to ensure a better night of sleep is with regular therapeutic massage.  Massage therapy reduces levels of general anxiety, making it easier to relax when the lights go out and slow down your thoughts so you can ease into a restful sleep.  Massage also increases serotonin levels in the body, which can help improve sleep.  Serotonin is linked to important functions like mood, body temperature, coordination, appetite, and sleep.   Massage therapy is a healthy and substance-free way to boost serotonin levels, as well as improve overall wellbeing.  With reduced anxiety, muscle tension, better blood flow, and lower stress – falling asleep becomes easier and waking up feeling refreshed becomes less elusive.  Regular, high quality rest is important in maintaining a fulfilling life – it makes you more productive at work, more emotionally able to love and support family and friends, and helps keep you in a positive mood.  If you’ve been struggling with sleeplessness, consider therapeutic massage with Elements Massage Peoria. Call and book an appointment today! 623.399.4400.

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