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Recovering from Injury, Accident, or Surgery

Recovering from Injury, Accident, or Surgery

Elements Massage Peoria Arrowhead

Surgery, accident, injury... these types of incidents can be scary and confusing. The combination of adrenaline and often unexpected nature of an accident or injury can compound with stress and anxiety and leave your muscles clenched tightly.

In the aftermath, it can be hard to get back to your previous self. That’s where massage comes in. Massage can be a great way to help heal both your mind and body. Here’s how:

Reduces Stress and Anxiety
In the wake of a big event, your body and mind will both likely hold on to extra stress and anxiety. Massage can help promote a gradual loosening of your muscles to reduce the amount of tension stored in your body. This can also allow you to let go of stress and decrease anxiety.

Lower Blood Pressure
The subtle manipulation of muscle tissue and the pleasant movements of kneading can give a boost to your circulatory function. Better blood flow can decrease your blood pressure leaving you less exposed to cardiovascular issues while promoting overall health.

Promote Healing
Along with an increase in the circulation of blood, massage can promote healing by removing toxins that store themselves in your muscle tissue. Additional nutrients and oxygen are more efficient at getting to where they need to go to encourage quicker healing. 

Endorphin Production
During a critical period after injury or accident, taking steps to proactively nurture your health can be difficult. Anxiety and depression are common symptoms in the wake of significant life events. Massage can increase the production of serotonin and dopamine, two essential neurotransmitters that make you feel good while reducing the production of your body’s stress hormone cortisol.

Above all else, we encourage you to be gentle with yourself during any sort of recovery period. It’s okay to be frustrated and feel challenged by present circumstances but taking it easy and finding helpful strategies like regular massage, to include into your recovery time can help make it easier to navigate.


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