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Massage: Before and After Surgery

Massage: Before and After Surgery

Elements Massage Peoria Arrowhead


Therapeutic massage is often used to reduce joint pain and other aches in backs, necks, shoulders, or wherever an individual is experiencing discomfort.  People suffering from sports injuries or arthritis have found relief from the chronic pain with massage therapy, but sometimes it isn’t enough.  Joint replacement surgery is often used as a last resort to assuage difficulties that make it nearly impossible for some people to walk, rise from a chair, or perform many daily activities that some of us take for granted.  Therapeutic massage can be implemented before and after joint replacement surgery in order to help manage pain and aid in recovery.

The two most common joint replacement surgeries are hip and knee replacements.  Before the surgery, massage therapy can play an important role in pain management.  A licensed therapist will be able to help an individual manage pain through a gentle working of muscles and ligaments to help improve circulation without deep pressure due to the risk of inflaming the area further.  However, massage can also provide relief from the stress and anxiety that often precedes the surgery, giving the patient a safe, welcoming environment for self-healing and mentally preparing for the major surgery they are about to have.  Post surgery massage therapy can help manage the emotional rollercoaster that often follows recovery, as well as aid in the pain located in distal areas of the body as your muscles and joints relearn how to move.  Having a space for empathy and support that also provides relief from stress and anxiety during the difficult times before and after joint replacement surgery can be incredibly helpful and can improve the overall process.  Massage therapy isn’t just for spas and pampering – it provides very real health benefits to clients across the spectrum of experiences, even those experiences that happen within other health settings like surgeries. 

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