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Interesting Facts About Massage

Interesting Facts About Massage

Elements Massage Peoria Arrowhead

As one of the simplest, most ancient forms of healthcare that has prevailed throughout time is massage. In fact, massage is depicted as far back as Egyptian tomb paintings and Indian texts. The Greek physician Hippocrates is known to have once described the beneficial health practice of anatripsis or “a good rubbing up.”

While many of the health benefits of massage are well-documented, like how it’s effective at reducing post-operative pain or decreasing chronic pain and headaches, there are several interesting facts that we find are less well known.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Healthy touch, like massage, can help reduce heart rate or lower blood pressure.
  • Children or adolescents that suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and asthma report feeling decrease pain and anxiety with massage.
  • Massage is beneficial in inducing better mobility in Parkinson’s patients.
  • For those that suffer from insomnia, massage may be able to increase the quality and quantity of sleep through non-pharmacological means.
  • Massage and touch can stimulate endorphins resulting in improved mood and immunity.
  • There are more than 75 common massage modalities and bodywork styles performed today. 

By making massage part of your regular routine, you will receive the greatest benefits. A body and mind can function best when stress-free and while that’s ideal, it’s not likely given the demands we face today.

Our team at Elements Massage Peoria, however, is on your side and can help you function optimally even under challenging circumstances. Come find out more about how massage can work for you. 

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