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Give a Holiday for the Holidays

Elements Massage Peoria Nov 21, 2013


The holiday season is a strange contradiction.   It’s a time to enjoy with friends and family, but it’s also a time running around decorating and shopping and cooking.   It’s a time where you feel immensely grateful for the things you have, but you also need to run around finding the perfect gift for a list of names, names of people who matter to you and maybe someone at the office that matters a little less.  It a special time of stress and happiness that’s unlike most other times of the year.  For many of us, it’s a holiday, but not really a vacation. 


Elements Therapeutic Massage Peoria wants to make this contradiction a little less true by offering the chance to actually give someone on your list a holiday for the holidays.  Therapeutic massage will break through the chaos for one hour (or more) and have relaxing effects for days afterwards.  The holiday season is stressful for essentially everyone in one way or another, so anyone would benefit from a gift certificate for a therapeutic massage.  

 Black Friday Gift Card Specials:

Available 11/29/13 - 12/2/13

Two 55 Min. Gift Cards for $99
Two 80 Min. Gift Cards for $159
Two 110 Min. Gift Cards for $219 

Two 55 Min. Gift Cards for $119 (or One for $69)
Two 80 Min. Gift Cards for $179 (or One for $99)
Two 110 Min. Gift Cards for $259 (or One for $139)

Call Elements Therapeutic Massage Peoria (623) 399-4400.


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