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Elements Therapeutic Massage Peoria - Weekend Warriors: Respect the Sport

Elements Therapeutic Massage Peoria - Weekend Warriors: Respect the Sport

Elements Massage Peoria

As the weather cools off, marathons become more popular as well as other strenuous outdoor activities like hiking and biking.  Without the proper training, you could cause yourself injury.  Most people think that they know how to train for these events on their own, but the reality is that you can end up doing yourself more harm than good without consulting a professional.


Doing exercises incorrectly often results injuries to the following four areas: knees, back, rotator cuff, and feet.  Rotator cuff injuries can occur when you play golf or baseball – sports with throwing motions and an upper body focus.  Activities like running and biking and others that involve a lot of lower body movement and impact can be stressful on knees and feet, while more common weekend activities like lifting up kids or unloading groceries can be difficult on your back.   One of the best ways to reduce your risk of incurring such injuries is to pay close attention to executing proper movements.  Not just while competing, think about them while you’re practicing and even during your day-to-day activities.  You’ll feel better after training, and definitely after the event has been completed! Your body will thank you the following Monday.


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