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Elements Massage Peoria - The Chicken or the Egg of Procrastination and Stress

Elements Massage Peoria - The Chicken or the Egg of Procrastination and Stress

Elements Massage Peoria

Which comes first: stress or procrastination? Do we get anxious because we have so much to do that we just can’t seem to finish anything at all? Or are we too stressed out to even think about starting a task? The answer to the question is actually “both.”  It can vary from person to person, but these two negative states can often become a vicious cycle, with stress and procrastination mutually feeding off of each other. 


Stress, in small amounts, is actually good for you.  It can make you competitive and drive you to complete a challenge.  However, when there’s too much stress, it becomes impossible to do anything.  And having seeming numberless challenges to complete doesn’t help.  Try to break the cycle by reducing your stress enough that tackling your to-do list no longer seems insurmountable.  Do something to reduce your stress and fight procrastination, like booking a session of therapeutic massage.   Massage therapy reduces muscle tension, releases toxins from the body, and helps manage pain: all of which can be contributing to stress.  With these negative contributors significantly reduced after a massage, it’s common to see a boost of productivity.  When you’re relaxed and physically feeling better, getting to work and actually getting things done becomes much easier.  Reducing stress can help with issues of procrastination, and if you’re not procrastinating on work, then you’re going to have fewer sources of stress in your life.  It’s about finding a way to break the cycle, and massage therapy presents a simple option. 


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