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Oh Really? Odd Massage Benefits

Elements Massage Peoria May 18, 2017 Health

At Elements Peoria, we are all about helping you feel your best and the following odd benefits are ways to unlock interesting areas of potential.

Boost Creativity with Massage

Elements Massage Peoria Feb 17, 2017 Health

Massage is an excellent way to restore, nurture, and boost the mind and body’s creative energies.

Massage Therapy for Tension Headaches

Elements Massage Peoria South Dec 16, 2016 Health

Massage therapy is able to provide relief from tension headaches by releasing muscular knots, tension, and stiffness through the gentle application and movement of pressure over the body’s muscles. 

Prenatal Massage: Three Reasons to Incorporate Massage into Your Pregnancy

Elements Massage Peoria Arrowhead Aug 8, 2016 Health

Pregnancy is exciting, rewarding, beautiful, and—often times—uncomfortable for expectant mothers. It’s no secret that the miracle of childbirth is hard on a woman’s body. Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which mothers-to-be can take care of themselves throughout pregnancy to ease the bodily strain of childbearing and hasten their post-delivery...

Good Sleep? Why Your Sleeping Position Matters for Your Posture

Elements Massage Peoria South May 30, 2016 Health

Elements Massage Peoria provides the top three recommended sleeping positions in order to provide a better night's sleep.

Essential Elements

Elements Massage Peoria South Mar 3, 2016 Health

By continuously investing in our talented massage therapist staff through comprehensive continuing educational offerings and capitalizing on pivotal customer touch points, Elements massage delivers on its promises.

How Exercise Impacts Your Brain

Elements Massage Peoria South Jan 19, 2016 Health

Learn how a regular exercise routine can help to promote the flow of blood throughout the body and is responsible for causing the brain to perform more efficiently thus leading to a happier and healthier life.

Yoga and Massage Form an Excellent Pairing

Elements Massage Peoria South Oct 15, 2015 Health

When searching for a killer combination to help balance your spiritual, physical, and emotional being, look no further than the mighty duo of yoga and massage.

"Franchisee of the Year” Award Given To Local Peoria Arizona Elements Massage® Franchise Owners at National Conference

Elements Massage Peoria South Sep 28, 2015 Health

"Franchisee of the Year” Award Given To Local Glendale and Peoria Arizona Elements Massage® Franchise Owners at National Conference

Fight Allergies with Massage Therapy

Elements Massage Peoria Sep 8, 2015 Health

Massage is an excellent tool to help combat environmental allergies.  Read more on how massage therapy helps people find relief from allergies.

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