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Blog / Wellness

Elements Massage Peoria Jan 29, 2015 Wellness

Studies show that massages as often as once a month provides the frequency and regularity needed in order to see the benefits of massage therapy. However, some people may need therapeutic massage morer often for injuries and chronic conditions.

Elements Massage Peoria Dec 18, 2014 Wellness

Did you know there are two interacting factors when it comes to sleep needs: basal sleep need and sleep debt? And what does this have to do with massage therapy? Massage is a great way to get a better night's sleep!

Elements Massage Peoria Dec 11, 2014 Wellness

Relieve Your Holiday Stress at Elements Massage Peoria with a massage for you and massage gift cards for the people on your shopping list! Call us at 623.399.4400 or online.

Elements Massage Peoria Nov 20, 2014 Wellness

At Elements Massage in Peoria, we know therapeutic massage can help with a number of factors that can cause headaches...stress, poor posture, muscle tension, lack of sleep...

Elements Massage Peoria Oct 30, 2014 Wellness

One way to help reduce stress and help give your body a chance to recover is with therapeutic massage. Massage therapy, by relaxing muscles and improving circulation, helps your body reset and deal with stress.

Elements Massage Peoria Oct 6, 2014 Wellness

Become a member of the Elements Wellness Program at Elements Massage Peoria and enjoy exclusive value benefits with massage therapy. Check out this video...

Elements Massage Peoria Sep 22, 2014 Wellness

Did you know there are over five million Americans over the age of eighteen suffer from fibromyalgia? Did you know myofascial massage therapy can significantly improve the quality of life for patients with fibromyalgia?

Elements Massage Peoria Aug 19, 2014 Wellness

At a physiological level, therapeutic massage can improve mental health, mood, as well as reduce symptoms and signs of stress. Massage is more than just a muscle tune-up; it also helps improve moods, emotions, and mental health as well as flexibility and circulation.

Elements Massage Peoria Jul 24, 2014 Wellness

Elements Massage Peoria is all about our clients’ health and wellbeing. Being healthy, getting healthy and staying healthy. If you’re looking for an easy way to stay cool and healthy during the summer, then smoothies could be just the trick.

Elements Massage Peoria Jun 26, 2014 Wellness

While stretching before and after a workout can help manage the inflammation, but for persistent soreness, therapeutic massage can help reduce the inflammation.

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