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Blog / Wellness

Benefits of Massage for Athletes

Clare May 28, 2015 Wellness

Do you find yourself exercising more now that the weather is more conducive to being outdoors? Are you currently training for a race, whether it be a 5k, 10k, half-marathon or marathon? Are you a player on a sports team? Have you noticed any pain or soreness recently from your workouts?

Benefits of Massage

Jan 4, 2015 Wellness

You can receive numerous benefits from a professional massage, many more benefits than you probably realize.

Reduce Holiday Stress with Massage

Dec 9, 2014 Wellness

The holidays are supposed to be a pleasant time filled with relaxation and family bonding.  Unfortunately for many, the holidays have turned into something else, something far different from the enjoyable experience described previously.  If your holiday season is more accurately described by last minute gift shopping, endless errand running trips, busy schedules, and a lot of stress, it might be time for you to slow things down and take some time to reduce that dreaded holiday stress.

Massage Do's and Don'ts for Marathoners

Nov 30, 2014 Wellness

While getting a massage after finishing a marathon is a must (there’s no better way to recover and reward yourself for the major culmination of long runs, speed work and hours out in the elements!), don’t discount the edge massage can give you when it’s incorporated into your training routine. “It’s easy to get injured and run through the pain...

Five Daily Tips to Thrive Therapeutically

Nov 19, 2014 Wellness

As the stress of work, family, relationships and personal obligations pile up, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything that goes on in your daily life. Before you know it, you can get caught up in a vicious cycle of negative feelings, habits and attitudes. To keep your emotional and physical health grounded, it can be helpful to maintain a healthy perspective by focusing...

Massage therapy -- from arthritis to migraines, there's a plan for relief

Nov 9, 2014 Wellness

Jeff Muskovin's job is most rewarding when a client has a "Eureka!" moment. The licensed massage therapist has watched a musician return to playing without pain, a marathon runner finish a race with a faster time and no injuries, and a couple with fertility challenges report they're expecting. Muskovin, 57, has a private practice in Evanston and also treats...

Benefits of Massage for Runners

Nov 4, 2014 Wellness

Therapeutic massage can elicit very specific physiological responses, such as, increased blood circulation, increased diameter of blood vessels, and decreased blood pressure. These effects are significant for everyone, but are of particular importance to a runner looking for ways to recover faster, prevent injuries, and improve performance.

Massage and Pregnancy: Benefits of prenatal massage

Oct 14, 2014 Wellness

Therapeutic massage has been used for centuries to improve overall health, reduce stress, and relieve muscle tension. Massage and pregnancy has often received ambivalent responses from the health community regarding the safety and purpose of massage during pregnancy. Modern investigation and research is proving that prenatal massage therapy can be a very instrumental ingredient in women’s prenatal care and should be given careful consideration.

What is Couple's Massage?

Sep 30, 2014 Wellness

A couples massage is a great way to relax and rejuvenate both you and your loved one. Despite the name, couples massages aren't just for couples -- friends and family members can also enjoy this invigorating experience together!

Sciatica Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Sep 5, 2014 Wellness

Back pain is one of the most common conditions that people suffer from today. But, when you’re talking about experiencing sciatica pain that shoots from your lower back into your glute area and legs, it can be difficult to sit, stand and move around to accomplish your daily tasks. Sciatica pain is becoming so well known that studies show up to 43 percent of people experience...

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