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Migraine Relief thru Massage

Migraine Relief thru Massage

Tropical Storm Arthur is on his way and for many that will mean suffering from a migraine headache. Call the studio at 908 464-1860 and schedule a massage to sooth your aching head.

Massage for migraines: an introduction
Evidence of massage therapy has been found in numerous ancient cultures, including those of Egypt, India, China, Japan and Arabic countries.

Massage involves a therapist pressing, stroking, rubbing, kneading and pressing on the body’s tissues and muscles. There is also some evidence that massage for migraine sufferers may help reduce the number of attacks.

Massage is often used for:

Relieving muscle tension
Reducing stress
Easing pain
Alleviating sleep disorders
Increasing mental alertness
Improving mood
Relieving depression in some cases
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that in 2002, 19 million Americans have used massage therapy at least once. Some 10 million have used massage in the past year.

How to massage for migraines
Some types of massage have helped ease migraine pain.

Head massages temporarily relieves head pain for some sufferers.

Massage is thought to relieve pain by releasing the chemical serotonin. Serotonin and migraines are believed to be related.

Massage may also block pain signals sent to the brain, which can help prevent migraines.

Studies on migraine massage therapy
There are very few studies on massage and migraine, which adhere to the top standards for clinical trial.

One small 2006 study of 47 migraine sufferers randomly assigned some participants to receive massage therapy. Those who had massages had fewer migraines and slept better during the weeks they had massages.

Different types of massage
There are many different types massage available.

Swedish massage
Sports massage
Deep tissue massage
Lymphatic massage
Cranio sacral relaxation therapy (CSR)

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