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How A Couples Massage Says "I Love You"

How A Couples Massage Says "I Love You"

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How A Couples Massage Says "I Love You"

“It’s his smile that made me first notice him.”

“Her eyes drew me in right away.”

“I fell in love with his kindness and sense of humor.”

Every couple has their own “I knew it when . . . “ story. You know - the moment they met. Or the moment they each knew the relationship was going to be something special. And if you two are still together, you probably find that the things that made you fall in love in the first place are the things that you continue to love most about your partner.

Have you told him that lately? Have you shown her how much you love and appreciate all the different things that make her wonderful? If your relationship is due for a little “show me the love,” we’d like to suggest a session or two of couples massage for you and your honey.

Couples massage is simply when two people receive simultaneous massage in the same room, on two separate massage beds, from two different massage therapists. If one of you is new to massage, a couples massage can be a great way to introduce this form of healing.

It also happens to be the perfect way to show someone how much you love them – every part of them. Whatever it is that you love most about your sweetheart, massage helps to put your feeling into action. So what DO you love most about your partner?

Their mind? Massage provides the mind with a rare period of stillness. You know those moments of mind-quiet before you drift off to sleep? That state of mind is actually really restorative and healing. Similar to the effects of deep meditation, it helps you to cut through the mind clutter to focus on what is the most important. After spending a session in this state of mind-relaxation, your loved one’s mind will be renewed and strengthened.

Their heart? Generous, loving, empathetic, kind; are these words you use to describe your partner? Patient as your sweetheart is, even he probably gives in to stress occasionally. Massage can lower his heart rate and cortisol (stress hormone) levels. It also helps to fortify feelings of well-being, and helps to prevent future stress.

How hard they work? Her schedule is packed. She’s always moving, always helping, always going. She doesn’t get much rest, and neither do those feet of hers. The feet alone are chock-full of reflexology points that, when massaged, can benefit everything from organs to sinuses to teeth. If your partner could use some full-body care in the form of foot pampering, ask the massage therapist to spend extra time on her feet, working all of those reflexology points.

Their good looks? If your mate is lovely to behold, massage can only enhance his or her beauty. Massage increases circulation, relaxes muscle and improves posture – all which can lead to a healthier, more vibrant, and more youthful appearance. Plus, massage can also help to increase confidence, which is always attractive!

Let our YOUtopia program help you to get a massage that is perfectly customized just for you and your sweetheart. We want your couples massage to be a bonding experience for you two, while still being individually therapeutic for each of you. Celebrate your relationship with this act of wellness for a truly healthy and happy Valentine’s Day.

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