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Massage and Athletics - Sports Massage

Massage and Athletics - Sports Massage

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Whether you chose a sports massage or a standard therapeutic massage, if you live an athletic lifestyle, you need to be getting regular massage.

Massage therapy can improve everything from muscle recovery and flexibility, to decreased joint pain. There are 4 of the main ways in which massage makes you the best athlete you can be: 

Increase Circulation

Massage therapy manipulates the blood vessels to allow increased blood flow, allowing oxygens and toxins alike to pass through the circulatory system more freely. 

Promote Relaxation

Okay, this is a gimme. Everyone knows massage makes it easier to relax. Just try it and tell me I'm wrong. But did you know that this sustained catabolic state promotes recovery and muscle growth

Reduce Pain

One of the main causes of pain in the body is inflammation, which regular massage helps to reduce significantly. Another way that massage therapy reduces pain is by releasing endorphins, which is commonly associated with a "runner's high". 

Increase flexibility

Is there any sport where an increased range of motion wouldn't aid your performance? Just one session of massage therapy increases the length of your muscles, which helps range of motion and durability, as well as helps to prevent future injuries. 

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