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Blog / Health

Feed Your Muscles to Promote Healthy Healing

Jan 15, 2015 Health

In addition to fueling your body with foods to promote overall health and healing, adopting a regular massage therapy routine also can help in increasing the health and wellness of your muscles and mind.

The Magic of Massage Therapy

Jan 5, 2015 Health

Massage therapy takes over where a spa massage leaves off. This form of alternative medicine can help ease pain associated with cancer, headaches, and fibromyalgia.

Arthritis Pain Relief for Winter Weather

Dec 27, 2014 Health

Dress warmly, work out inside, and get enough vitamin D. These are some of the ways you can get arthritis pain relief despite the bone-chilling cold of winter weather.

Stomach Massage for Weight Loss Dec 15, 2014 Health

If you're looking for a safe and natural way to lose weight, abdominal massage may help you reach your goal. Many people find the task of losing weight difficult and even stressful, but adding massage into your regimen may provide some much-needed relaxation and even help your body better respond to your weight loss routine.

Lasting Effects: Five Tips to Continue Feeling Great After Your Massage

Dec 6, 2014 Health

Receiving a great massage that relaxes your mind, relieves tension from your muscles and rejuvenates your soul can have a lasting effect on your mind and body’s well-being. But, to continue getting the most out of your great massage experience well beyond your session, it can be helpful to adopt some of the following post-massage healthy habits.

Dec 3rd, International Day of People with Disability

Dec 3, 2014 Health

Disability Day, or the International Day of People with Disability, is a day that has been promoted by the United Nations since 1992. Massage can be used to assist in pain management and reduction for those with painful disabilities. In addition, there is some indication that tension from spasticity can diminish and range of motion can improve from massage therapy

Dec 1st, World Aids Day

Dec 1, 2014 Health

Massage therapists play a role in the lives of those infected with HIV and AIDS by complementing the patient's medical team. Massage therapy plays a vital role in helping patients cope with the various symptoms of HIV/AIDS and indirectly boosts the immune system at the same time. The factors that seemed to contribute to immune enhancement were pressure strokes, dosage and period of massage therapy.

Give Yourself a Time Out: Be a Better You by Taking Care of Yourself First

Nov 29, 2014 Health

Everyone gives of themselves in some way, shape or form. In honor of National Caregivers Month, Elements Massage offers some tips for taking care of yourself.

Staying Healthy at the Office

Nov 24, 2014 Health

Millions of Americans leave work every day feeling sore and stressed. Luckily, massage therapy is able to reduce stress and prevent injuries to help keep you healthy and happy  throughout your career.

The Benefits of Massage for Older Adults

Nov 21, 2014 Health

As we age, massage therapy can play a key role in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Massage therapy may reduce pain, lower blood pressure and help manage the symptoms of various conditions, such as arthritis.

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