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24061 Southeast 264th Street
Suite M200
Maple Valley, WA 98038

Mon - Sun 8am - 9pm

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Olympic Craze Cupping Therapy Available in Maple Valley

Olympic Craze Cupping Therapy Available in Maple Valley

Scarlet Keolanui

What is cupping and why are so many olympians such as Michael Phelps covered in circular bruises?

Cupping is ancient Eastern/Asian medicinal practice that places special cups on the skin (usually on the back) and uses either heat, an air pump or natural suction from the cups themselves to create a vacuum like suction therefore lifting the skin up into the space of the cup which then lifts the soft tissue of the skin. Cupping allows the blood to flow in a more effortless manner therefore allowing the body to heal many of it’s ailments naturally.

Many who are unfamiliar with the treatment are left wondering why these olympians are touting the benefits and if the procedure hurts. To ease your worries, cupping therapy does not hurt and many find cupping to be very relaxing, contrary to what the circular bruising may lead one to believe. The benefits of cupping range from ridding the body of toxins to stimulating blood flow. Olympians are big fans of this ancient ritual because it is also known to aid muscle and back pain and ease anxiety. Another popular benefit of cupping is that it helps improve the immune system because it mobilizes blood and lymphatic fluid throughout one’s body. For that, it has been linked to aiding the reduction of lung diseases and aiding a range of other ailments such as allergies and asthma.

Another great reason to experience a cupping session is that it rids the body of built up lactic acid in the same manner that a massage would, but much quicker. This is great news for athletes who’s bodies begin to buildup lactic acid because of intense exercise.

Even more great news is that you do not have to travel to Asia or Brazil to experience cupping for yourself because it is offered right here in Maple Valley, at our massage studio by our experienced massaged therapists. At Elements Massage Maple Valley, we use soft silicone cups to perform the cupping treatment and instead of applying fire or heat, we use cups that create their own natural suction which in turn results in less bruising and tends to be more pleasurable than the traditional method which uses fire or heat.

Call us today at 425-200-0391 if you have any questions about this service or schedule your appointment online or via phone to experience the benefits of cupping for yourself and don’t let the circular, painless bruises keep you away from these magnificent benefits that this service offers!

See you soon and GO TEAM USA!

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