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Massage Benefits For Athletes

Massage Benefits For Athletes

Athletes put their bodies through a great deal of stress: sprained muscles, broken bones, damaged tendons, and emotional stress. This is why many sport therapists recommend consistent massages for athletes. Massages also increase an athlete’s performance, helping them focus and move faster. Some methods that physical therapists use for athletes are called a “pre-event massage” and a “pro-event massage.”

A pre-event massage is best done two days before an athlete’s event. This massage stimulates the flow of blood to muscles as well as the brain, which causes physiological relaxation. Who wouldn’t want to be relaxed before a big game? A pre-event massage can also help warm up an athlete’s body. Many sport therapists have a good method they use on athletes called a “chair massage.” This method reduces mental tension, increases circulation, which leads to reducing the chance of injuries when competing.

A post-performance massage is short and direct, usually lasting for about 10-15 minutes. This method usually focuses on the areas specific to the athlete's sport. The massage uses compression techniques to spread and ease muscle tension. Post-performance massage is thought to accelerate muscle recovery and reduce muscle spasms. Another benefit to this method is working out; this increases blood flow to the muscles and even includes a shorter recovery time, and a significant decrease in muscle soreness.

Not only do massages help athletes physically, but mentally as well. It helps them increase their physical performance, prevent injuries, and decreases anxiety. People who are not athletes should try these methods. This can be an ideal benefit for those who suffer from chronic pain and other conditions. Massages are meant for people to feel better regardless of whether you are an athlete or not, or have a different level of pain. Remember, the more massages you get, the better your body will react.

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