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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

Allison Frush

Mindfulness doesn't have to mean 2 hours of uninterrupted silent meditation. It can merely mean paying a little bit more attention to the present moment.

Like meditation, mindfulness calls us to live in the present moment. To  ignore all those "What-ifs", all the" I should be", the "tomorrow I need to..."

Mindfulness means, even if only for a moment calling our attention to only what is going on around us. This is could as simple as washing the dishes. The monk Thich Nhat Hanh reminds us we need to be  "washing the dishes to wash the dishes" .

Most of us wash the dishes and our minds are on a thousand different things, from what we are having for lunch the next day, to what your college roommate had said about skiing in snowshoes... Mindfulness would have us slow down and really wash the dishes. 

Notice the dirt on the plate. Feel how warm the water is, running over our hands. Smell the dish soap, as if foams up. Notice nothing else, but the dishes and getting them clean. 

Let me tell you. I HATED doing dishes.  I would avoid them like the plague, but slowing down has made me appreciate them more. Appreciating all the elements needed to keep them clean. It has taught me more than I expected.

So today, take a moment and really savor whatever it is your doing. Be present today, even if it's only when washing the dishes xo

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