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What's the best thing I can do to get a good nights sleep?

What's the best thing I can do to get a good nights sleep?

"I love being outside playing in the dirt or doing something creative.  I try to turn off all electronics by 7:00 pm."

Silvia Mariani


"I have always had a bit of a racing mind so sleep can be a challenge. I turn off the radio and get off the computer an hour or so before bed.  Have a chat with Chewie the Wookie Shih Tzu who is my buddy and hilarious and then use rain and wind sleep sounds with earphones to fall asleep. Having grown up in NY, the sounds of wind, rain and snow blowing calms me at the end of a day." 

Dennis Diehl


"No stimulating activities within two hours of going to sleep. (Ex: television, computer)

Avoid eating to drinking heavy beverages within two hours of going to sleep

Elevating the head of the bed so that it is higher than the foot of the bed will help prevent pressure on the windpipe from body weight and will help stop sleep apnea and snoring.

Treat the bedroom as a sleep only environment so your mind will be programmed that when you enter the bedroom and lay down your mind is programmed to sleep.

Make sure you are getting the recommended  8-9 hours of sleep."

Jeremy Alford


"Take a rest from everything about 15-30 mintues before you have to goto bed. Take a hot shower, drink a cup of hot (decaf) tea, read, listen to music, do some deep breathing or stretching; maybe just lay,down and stare at the ceiling. Take time to think and breathe for once in the day; let your body and mind slow d-o-w-n. Do not organize your next day in that half hour - do it before then, or even get up early to do it. Your brain organizes stuff while you sleep anyway, so you can help it just by resting."

Vee Schiffler


"The best thing to do to get a good night sleep is not to do anything that will raise your energy level. Do not eat two hours prior to bedtime, no sugar or watching action movies on T.V. You should be winding down two hour before bedtime, don't forget a nice hot shower. Good night zzzzzz."

Daryl Latimer

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