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"What are some simple stretches you can do at work?"

"What are some simple stretches you can do at work?"

Jeremy Alford, LMT at Elements Greenville also adds recommends the doorway stretch:

"The doorway stretch is a great way to stretch out the pectoral muscles. Often, our active lifestyles require our hands to be positioned out in front of our bodies. When we are driving, using the computer, using the phone, etc… our arms are positioned forward. When this occurs for extensive periods of time, our pectoral muscles will shorten, causing the upper back muscles (upper traps, rhomboids, teres major and teres minor) to in turn pull long and tight." 


Donna Canipe, LMT

"If you sit in front of desk all day, You can take two minutes every hour and stretch your back and roll your neck to help motivate circulation. If typing all day, take breaks by resting your arms on the rest with palms facing each other. This gives your forearms a break from repetitive motion"



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