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"What are some of your favorite massage techniques?"

"What are some of your favorite massage techniques?"

'I like to use circular friction and circular effleurage in a lot of my sessions. It helps to pull apart tense muscle fibers that have formed tight bands; move toxins away from knotty areas; and most of all, it is relaxing. :-)'

Victoria Shiffler, LMT


"Massages are catered to each individual needs. I use a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu, Soft Tissue release, Reflexology and Lomi-Lomi.  I deal with the whole body,even though specific site work may be requested restoring the balance that is needed for wellness.  I have other methods that I also use, but I take and use the methods and work that will help restore that balance. People are varied and unique and that is why I adapt the massage to each person's needs.


Silvia Mariani, LMT

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