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"Should I talk during a massage?"

"Should I talk during a massage?"

"Well it all depends on what the subject matter is, if it is something that warrants the therapist to comment about you may talk but overall it depends on the client, if they are talking you should respond, if they are not talking you shouldn’t  initiate conversation. It could disturb a moment of peace and serenity."

Daryl Latimer, LMT

"Talking all depends on the client's preference. A therapist wants you to have the best experience possible. Their general rule of thumb is to respect the client's right to peace and tranquility by talking only as much as the client talks without creating new branches of conversation that might disrupt a client's relaxation, unless it pertains to information needed to perform the massage. All people are different though, so I would tell a client to talk and create conversation as little or as much as makes them comfortable. I would also offer a bit of advice to clients in regard to talking during a massage. Often the best massages take a collaboration of efforts by both the therapist and the recipient. This does not mean a client must by any means "work". It simply means a therapist has a vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology and has training but only the recipient knows their own body and their own likes and dislikes. That is why it is important to communicate with your therapist before, during, and/or after your session about what you are looking for out of your sessions. Often a therapist may ask questions to help guide them to deliver a great massage but they are not mind readers. That is why it is important for a recipient to communicate thoroughly. Perhaps you like a specific massage technique, or you don't like one. Maybe you are cold, don't like the music, or are ticklish, etc... Revealing these bits of info all help to make sure you receive the best massage possible. So don't shoot yourself in the foot by not speaking up if you feel the urge to. You wont hurt your therapists' feelings. They want you to have the best massage possible as much as you do!"

Jeremy Alford, LMT

"I talk during a massage to ask clients about certain issue that they have reported and what I find or see during the session.  Also, following the Service Path about pressure etc, and suggestions that I have to help them achieve wellness.  I take my cue from the client.  If the client tells me that they are in for a relaxation massage and are very quiet. I will only ask about the pressure or ask about indication of troubled areas.  If they are very talkative and ask alot of questions I will answer back in a soft tone in brief words or phrases.  Some clients feel that they need to talk during a session because it relaxes them.  This is their time and I am there to provide a service of theraputic massage in which way is to their comfort, and not to mine."

Silvia Mariani, LMT


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