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Mon - Sun 8am - 9:30pm
Elements Massage 1200 NE 65th St
Seattle, WA   98115
(206) 522-4000 Elements Massage$49 to $99
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1200 NE 65th St
Seattle, WA 98115

Mon - Sun 8am - 9:30pm

Debbie 1-3 | Licensed Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Saturday, Sunday

Washington State Massage License: MA 60180750

EDUCATION: Lake Washington Technical College 2010

SPECIALTIES OR TRAINING: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal

FAVORITE MASSAGE MODALITIES: I love doing 2 hour sessions! Aromatherapy, CBD and Himalayan Hot Stones

PHILOSOPHY ON HEALING: Self-Care is so important to your well-being and health. Just forget about work and life for a bit. Walk away with less aches and pains. Be relaxed and stress-free.

EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS: I have helped a client who was experiencing a lot of anxiety and panic attacks. She started seeing me regularly and since then her panic attacks have gone away and her anxiety has reduced significantly.

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