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Spring Sports Massage Green Lake

Spring Sports Massage Green Lake


Elements Therapeutic Massage Green Lake uses Sports Massage to enhance the health regime of athletes in the Green Lake area. During spring, requirements of the body are changed as focus is directed to outside sports such as Golf, Tennis and Running. Whether professional or amateur, all athletes are susceptible to injuries from their sport of choice, and all can benefit from Therapeutic Sports Massage. Therapeutic Sports Massage highlights the healing of injuries to tendons and ligaments and helps to ease built up tension and stress the body develops during physical activity.

Golfers who are working to reclaim their club shots after our long winters need to be aware of the main stresses on the body. The golf swing and hunched over putters stance are the primary contributors to back, neck and shoulder pain. Therapeutic Massage prior to golfing can be beneficial in increasing flexibility and range of motion, both of which are necessary for the golf swing. Other common injuries include carpal tunnel, and knee pain both of which can be addressed before and after injuries by working to increase flexibility and circulation to the areas.

Tennis players suffer from two types of injuries, overuse and acute (traumatic). Overuse injuries happen over time as stress to the muscles, joints and soft tissues are unable to properly heal between uses. If not treated early, overuse injuries that begin as a small ache or pain can become debilitating. As with golfers, Therapeutic Massage can work to increase the circulation, range of motion and flexibility to help avoid overuse injuries. Acute injuries such as rotator cuff tendonitis, shoulder tendonitis, achilles tendonitis and tennis elbow (or lateral epicondylitis) can benefit from Massage to help reduce stress to the body and mind in order to help advance the return to the courts as well as reducing inflammation to the areas through an increase in circulation.

Runners put specific repetitive stress on their bodies which is different from most other sports. Lower body injuries are the most common and destructive to a runner. Preventative massage may help runners avoid injuries such like pulled hamstrings by stretching the muscle and increasing flexibility. The benefits of massage can help with hip bursitis, where pain is caused with hip movement, and snapping hip syndrome, which encompasses three distinct hip problems, by increasing the circulation to the affected areas to help reduce inflammation. Itiotibial Band syndrome, an inflamed fibrous band spanning from the hip to the shin that lends stability, and tibial stress syndrome (shin splints) can be helped by massage to reduce inflation and reduce stress on the areas.

Most spring sports and physical activity in general are extremely susceptible to knee injuries. From a golfer twisting a knee with the swing, a tennis player’s jerky movements and quickly changing directions, to a runner’s repeated impact to the joints, the knee takes a lot of abuse. Massage before activity may help prepare the joints for the change in activity and can be used after sports to reduce stress and increase healing time to avoid injuries.

Elements Therapeutic Massage Green Lake understands that each sport has its own unique impact on the body and uses different muscle groups. Spring sports such as golf, tennis and running are just a few examples of the many available sports in the Green Lake area and we encourage everyone to get out and enjoy sports as part of a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of physical activity are seen in both the mind and the body. At Elements, our therapists are specially trained in Therapeutic Sports massage, and we are here to help keep you in the game before, during and after.

At Elements Green Lake, each massage is individually customized to best fit your health and wellness regimen. Contact our studio to book an appointment with one of our sports massage specialists.

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