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We pride ourselves in creating a safe, healthy and welcoming environment and look forward to welcoming you into our studio. As laws and guidelines on COVID-19 continue to evolve in Washington, please contact the studio directly to learn more about the safety protocols and expectations for our Elements Massage clients and staff.

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CranioSacral Massage

CranioSacral Massage


Elements Therapeutic Massage believes in the benefit of massage for all individuals. One area of Massage specialty for our therapists is Craniosacral Massage. The Craniosacral system provides the physical environment in which the brain and spinal cord develop and function. A physiological system, it is comprised of the soft tissues and bones of the cranium, spine and pelvis. Craniosacral Massage Therapy works with the bones of the head, spinal column, sacrum and underlying structures to aid the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid throughout the central nervous system.

Used to both alleviate and prevent ailments, Craniosacral Massage Therapy taps into the body, allowing it to heal itself where possible. The purpose of Craniosacral Massage is to restore misaligned bones to their correct locations while eliminating negative effects of stress. Benefits of Therapeutic Massage have been seen in relief from migraine headaches, neck and back pain, TMJ, sinus disorders, and immune deficiencies. It is also being used as a preventative therapy for people with low immune systems.

Trained therapists at Elements Massage are trained in the delicate and gentle hands-on techniques needed for proper and successful Craniosacral Massage. During the massage you can expect to be lying face up as the therapist works to clear any blockages of cerebrospinal fluid, allowing it to work through the body more naturally. Pressure in Craniosacral Massage Therapy is equivalent to the weight of a nickel and provides a gentle, noninvasive method to ease the restrictions of nerve passages by increasing the movement of fluid.

Specialized Craniosacral Massage Therapy or CST performed by trained therapists at Elements Therapeutic Massage can help to correct the imbalances in the Craniosacral system to help alleviate a full range of sensory, motor and neurological dysfunctions with Craniosacral Massage Therapy.

At Elements Therapeutic Massage, each massage is individually customized to best fit your health and wellness regimen. Contact the studio to book an appointment with one of our specialists.

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