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The Importance of Breath

The Importance of Breath

Elements Massage Goodyear

It’s easy to get caught up in the fast pace of modern life. With a constant barrage of technology, a never ending to do list, and an endless hustle to balance work and play, life can come at you fast. At Elements Massage Goodyear, our studio is all about discovering ways to help refresh, restore, and rejuvenate your mind and body.

If you are feeling tired and struggling with anxiety or stress, breathing may be a great new tool to add to your toolkit. Controlled breathing, otherwise known as positive breathwork, is excellent at empowering you take back control, collect yourself, and find that calming grounding sensation important to feeling anchored. Just like massage, positive breathwork can lower your blood pressure and assist you in overcoming challenging obstacles.

Here are three great methods to induce a deep sense of relaxation and self-sooth:

1. Balanced Breathing

This mode of breathwork is really simple and a great place to start. First, turn your attention towards your breath and draw in a deep and slow breath while counting. Then, exhale to the same number you reached breathing in. Each time you draw in a new breath, try to add a number until you make it to ten. This type of breathing is perfect to perform before trying something new, giving a presentation, or making a big decision. The calm and controlled attention can help you shake that case of nerves!

2. Nostril Breathing
Many individuals may be familiar with this form of breathing from yoga class. It is known to allow the body find balance and is a good way to slow your thoughts and enhance your ability to focus. To perform, first plug one nostril with your thumb while slowly inhaling through the opposite nostril. Then, trade fingers on the exhale. Essentially you alternate this pattern breathing in and out.

2. Diaphragm Breathing
Otherwise known as belly breathing, diaphragm breathing is when you place one hand below your belly button and the other on your chest. Then, breathe in deeply and focus on expanding your lower midsection. On the inhale, the bottom hand should move outward and on the exhale, your lungs should expand.

Finding ways to relieve stress and achieve a deep sense of relaxation is critical to every health and wellness strategy. While massage is a great option, (trust us, we know!), it’s good to diversify your toolkit so you can handle everything that life throws at you!

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