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Post Exercise Muscle Soreness

Post Exercise Muscle Soreness

Elements Massage Goodyear

A catch-all phrase that describes the distinct muscle pain individuals experience post-workout is called muscle fever. It’s also known as the acronym, DOMS standing for delayed-onset muscle soreness. Typically, this muscle stiffness sets in 24 to 72 hours after strenuous exercise.

To help prevent soreness from derailing your exercise routine, here’s what you should know to address that post-exercise muscle soreness.

It’s Completely Normal
DOMS is a side effect of the stress placed on muscles during exercise, especially if you are trying out a new activity or have recently increased the intensity of your workouts. The pain is a result of inflammation within your muscles. During exercise, your muscle fibers begin to break down under stress. When they repair themselves, they become larger and stronger than they were before.

Gentle Methods of Relief
To achieve relief from stiffness, it’s best to perform gentle types of exercise like walking or stretching. It seems counterintuitive but the more still you are, the stiffer you will get. It’s better if you can get out and move a bit.

If movement doesn’t work, a heating pad or a warm bath with Epsom salt can also provide relief. Mild to moderate soreness is to be expected as you get stronger. Another excellent item to add to your toolkit is massage therapy.

At Elements Massage Goodyear, we can help work out the toxins that build up in your muscles during activity and that contribute to muscle soreness. Restoring pliability and flexibility through a relaxing massage can prepare you for a better workout the next go round.

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