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Getting Deep with Massage

Getting Deep with Massage

Elements Massage Goodyear

Deep tissue massage is a form of massage that targets the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue in the body. It can help address specific aches and chronic pains in addition to muscle tightness decreased range of motion and poor posture habits.

Why Deep?

When your muscles are overtaxed or experience chronic tension and injury, bands of painful tissue can form inside the muscles, tendons, or ligaments. These adhesions are responsible for pain, inflammation, restricting movements, and inhibiting proper circulation. To address these deep-seated issues, the outer muscles must be relaxed.

How it Feels?
During a deep tissue massage, you can expect your massage therapist to dig deeply. They may use their fingertips, elbows, and even knuckles when trying to get at stubborn areas of knots and tension. Certain individuals may shy away from this modality of massage, but the reality is that a deep tissue massage shouldn’t hurt. In fact, the pressure during any massage should be deep but throughout the entirety of your session, you should be able to breathe. If you find yourself holding your breath, you need to speak up and communicate.

Good Preparation and Follow-up
For best results with deep tissue massage, you should drink plenty of water both before and the after. This can help prime your muscles and ensure that the top layer of your muscle tissue is pliable. Post-massage, it’s an excellent way to help flush out lactic acid that can lead to soreness.

Getting Results
At Elements Massage Goodyear, we encourage our clients to openly discuss their needs with our massage therapists. A one-off session of deep tissue massage may be able to break up adhesions and provide relief but a longer, more structured program moving forward may be the best way to encourage health over time.

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